Captain Sao Aubin from Brigade: The Tears of a Monster”, Illustrated and Created by Claude-Robert Policart.

“It looks like you were having yourself a good old time.” The captain smirked. “What was his name?”

“She’s in danger,” Ethioschrist muttered.

The dream had been a warning. Hazily, he remembered that place, that moment. They’d been sent to Ukraine to cull a terrorist rebel camp on the outskirts of Crimea. It had taken Ethioschrist and Schön fourteen minutes to dispatch 200 soldiers. Assignments like the police pacification of Crimea had been one of the rare occasions where they were permitted to feed without reprisal. But Schön hadn’t died. That experience had happened three months ago. Schön was alive, albeit estranged. He hadn’t seen her since she had saved him in Kiev. He sensed her now more strongly than ever, and he was sure that she was in trouble.

“Let’s start over. I’m Captain Sao Aubin.”

“Where am I, Captain?”

“On a ship.”

“Don’t be so simple. I’m as dangerous as I look.”

“You have what—a day or so until the Gene-Boomers are free? And you can’t resist getting locked up?”

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