The first pencil sketch

Bienvenue au monde entier. C’est Claude-Robert. Principalement, above is a scan of a pencil drawing that will be used as the basis of a new painting. I will use a mix of artistic talent and computer forensics in order to breathe life into the drawing. Much in the same fashion that I created the paintings of the former lieutenant and the captain Every painting I create starts with a pencil sketch. Depending on the complexity it could take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Please visit the site often and witness how the evolution of the characters from ‘BRIGADE’.

The first pencil sketch

On the first wave of revisions, generally, I only experiment with flesh tones. Painting human skin is much more difficult than one would think. The washes of pink are mixed with different color values. To blend the colors correctly, I use short, controlled strokes with the paintbrush in Photoshop. I generally use a paintbrush size of 300 with at 28%. Then I use the swatches palettes to save the specific colors that I need.  In the rgb color palette, I pick the colors according to their numeric values. For example 255, 201, 100 equivalates to light pink mixed with henna. 255, 201, 256 numeric values give a lighter touch of pink that enables me to create washes of light. Creating realistic skin complexions is a delicate balance of using color as light. There is no black. Absolute black is the absence of light. Therefore, shadows are accomplished by adding numeric values of color starting from 19,0,22 or 65, 35, 19. Using 0,0,0 only muddies the painting and creates a harsh patch of spurious muddiness. When one studies a photograph there are no rough lines that form the fringes of the human face. There exists only the balance of light across the spectrum of color from one surface to another. Keeping this in mind, when I paint, I apply the same concept with the greatest of care. You will see this in the next post when I begin to paint the nose. I will create a realistic texture with only a mix of color, light and texture drafted by brush stroke.

BRIGADE créé par Claude-Robert Policart

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